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Welcome to the EmPowered To Serve Community.
This online community is a place for diverse individuals and organizations to unite in order to create a sustainable culture of health within our communities. We can take steps individually to improve our own health and by working together we can improve community environments to make healthy living an accessible, affordable option for everyone. Together we can make a positive, lasting impact by creating a legacy to thrive, not just survive. We are empowered to serve. Serve our health and serve our community.
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Pastor Highlight
"Our decision on how to live every day is about opening and closing doors spiritually, mentally and physically. With the understanding that we can live productive lives with how we think; how we should take care of our bodies. God wants us to be whole now not later. Let all of us listen to God through his word and the Holy Spirit. Let us listen to our bodies by self check, what we consume, and reports from our doctors.'" – Pastor Bernard Montgomery, New Bethany Baptist Church, National H.O.P.E. Training Facilitator,  Assistance National Director Federal Faith-Based Initiative H.H.S. Hernando, MS
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Stroke Survivor Spotlight

Todd Harris was 21 when he had a stroke. His knowledge of early stroke warning signs helped him get immediate medical attention. He made a full recovery and became committed to helping others who might be on the same path he was on. He currently works for UF Health on a Youth Advisory Board as the Youth Liaison, he is also a new Target Team Member. His goal is to finish school to become a high school history teacher in Jacksonville. 

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65th Annual COGIC Women’s Convention

EmPowered To Serve Faith is honored to be a part of the 65th Annual COGIC Women’s Convention in Minneapolis!

Looking forward to building healthier congregations in partnership with the Church of God in Christ, Inc. Department of Women! Congratulations on moving forward with life-saving Hands-Only CPR  skills and Go Red Sundays.

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