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  • "Faith Based communities are the original social network."
    -Dr. Clyde Yancy, Past AHA President
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Welcome to the EmPowered To Serve Community.
This online community is a place for diverse individuals and organizations to unite in order to create a sustainable culture of health within our communities. We can take steps individually to improve our own health and by working together we can improve community environments to make healthy living an accessible, affordable option for everyone. Together we can make a positive, lasting impact by creating a legacy to thrive, not just survive. We are empowered to serve. Serve our health, serve our faith and serve our community.
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Pastor Highlight

"I wish above all things that you would be in health…but a healthy lifestyle must be more than a wish. We must take steps to ensure that we are present for our future. The quality of our health so often depends on the quality of our choices. At Perfecting Church we are choosing to be a Healthy, Holy, and Happy faith community." – Pastor Marvin Winans, Perfecting Church, Detroit, MI

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Community Discussions

2014 ETS Virtual Roundtable

Click here to download and watch the recorded webinar now.

EmPowered To Serve faith basedurban housing, and community partners shared how we are working together to build healthier congregations and healthier communities. Hear first-hand the vision for how we plan to expand the movement and achieve improved health within multicultural communities.

Download the 2014 ETS Roundtable presentation here.

2013 Roundtable Highlights

The American Heart Association/American Stroke Association's inaugural EmPowered To Serve Faith Based Roundtable meeting kicked off in Chicago on Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013. More than 100 faith leaders and other key stakeholders from across the country gathered in a united effort to discuss the state of health in diverse communities. The AHA laid the framework for the Megacommunity concept of sharing resources and creating solutions for a culture of health by increasing healthy living behaviors, enhancing the chain of survival, decreasing food deserts and establishing a trend for sustainable and transformed communities.