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This online community is a place for diverse individuals and organizations to unite in order to create a sustainable culture of health within our communities. We can take steps individually to improve our own health and by working together we can improve community environments to make healthy living an accessible, affordable option for everyone. Together we can make a positive, lasting impact by creating a legacy to thrive, not just survive. We are empowered to serve. Serve our health and serve our community.
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Dorothy Buckhanan-Wilson
President Wilson is continuing to lead the charge for the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority members to “roll up their sleeves” and drive health impact in their communities. Stroke personally touched President Wilson’s family and drives her to continue the message of empowerment to AKA by ensuring members take an even greater responsibility to share the message of heart disease and stroke awareness and help make women more aware of their health and manage the risk factors. . – Dorothy Buckhanan-Wilson, President of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Chicago, IL
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Stroke Survivor Spotlight

Amy Edmunds  is an ischemic stroke survivor and established YoungStroke, Inc. as a patient advocacy organization in 2005 in order to raise awareness, increase knowledge and share good practices about stroke in young adults to improve patient outcomes. Motivated by her personal experience, Amy launched the organization following her post-stroke graduate studies on the topic. Amy joined the full-time faculty of Coastal Carolina University in 2010 where she currently serves as a Lecturer of Public Health in the College of Science. 

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